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3D printing v ARP


XYZ print_copyOur goal is to continuously improve our products. One of the technologies used by our company is 3D printing. Our team uses 3D printing while developing new parts and it allows us to test the component being developed in the real world within hours, before prototyping lasted for days, sometimes weeks. This allows us to respond faster to new models of motorbikes. These time savings allow us to get new parts to customers as soon as possible.


3D printing or additive manufacturing is the process of creating three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. In the process object is created by laying continuous layers of material until the entire project is completed. These layers can be thought of as thin horizontal section of the object.


The print must meet several steps. First, you need to create a 3D model of the desired object in CAD software, then transfer to a format suitable for printing and exporting to the printer. After finishing the export process printer starts printing, usualy it takes several hours to finish the part. Thereafter the part is cleaned from the support structures and is ready for testing.


Using 3D printing allows us to remove any defects on new parts thanks to that we provide our customers only the best quality products such as the listed below photo prototype part for new Ducati Panigale 959/1299.


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