Clip ons Ø50mm


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  • 7° inclination of the handlebar
  • tubes raised by 0 mm
  • Ø22.2 mm (7/8") outer diameter of handlebar tube
  • designed for Ø50 mm fork tubes

Clip-ons are an excellent addition for any racer. They’re lighter, much sturdier, and provide excellent feedback. The rider can also adjust clip-ons to a wide range of positions and set the length of the tube, which is typically impossible with OEM handlebars. In case of an accident, the handlebar tubes tend to bend rather than snap, allowing the rider to reach the paddock safely. Replacing the tube is straightforward.

The included screws are made from stainless steel. The black Delrin laser-engraved end caps are removable, allowing effortless installation of the brake lever guard.

Made to fit Ø50 mm fork tubes.

WARNING! Do not use the handlebars as an anchor point when transporting the motorcycle. You can seriously damage the fork tubes and the clip-on brackets.

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